ITWorx Engages with Amanah of Jeddah (AJ) for Automating its Services' Workflows

Customer Profile

Amanah of Jeddah (Jeddah Municipality) is the local authority responsible for handling and managing public services provided for Jeddah residents in KSA.

Amanah of Jeddah Workflows Automation

Amanah of Jeddah (AJ) is undergoing a phase of process re-engineering where many internal and public processes are being created and standardized to improve the quality of offered services. As part of this effort, AJ requires automating its services’ workflows and publishing them on a centralized location to facilitate request issuing and tracking for citizens and request processing for employees. ITWorx is leading an initiative to automate a set of AJ workflows and processes related to construction and engineering processes. ITWorx designed and developed a common backend platform built on AJ’s workflow engine representing a framework that includes common functions and modules across workflow projects. Through identifying integration points between different AJ workflows, a smooth integration is achieved across all automated functions. Amanah of Jeddah Workflow Automation initiative has enabled the Amanah to remarkably enhance its performance. Due to automated request issuance and tracking, a process that used to take up to 3 months from request submission now takes 3 days, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. Tracking business processes enables AJ’s management to identify and eliminate bottlenecks. From the technical side, ITWorx carried out a technology migration that significantly reduced maintenance costs by centralizing services in one location and using thin clients for employees to access these applications. Finally, automated workflows integrate with the Saudi Government Service Bus (GSB) via AJ’s backend platform to offer e-payment through SADAD payment gateway and to enable integration with other governmental entities and services. ITWorx development effort for Amanah of Jeddah includes the backend platform, web portal for e-Services, and automated workflows. ITWorx offers AJ value-added services including comprehensive training tracks for AJ employees and engineering offices in addition to application support through an onsite team available at AJ’s premises. Building on a successful track record with Amanah of Jeddah, ITWorx has become a trusted consultant for AJ in all software services and applications.