Capabilities we cover

With the plethora of siloed systems and operational applications in place, data management for the purpose of data-driven decision making has become an extremely complex and time-consuming task. At ITWorx we help our customers tame this complexity, making the data work for the business, and not the other way around.

Our holistic approach to data management and machine intelligence empowers timely decision-making frameworks on both strategic and operational levels, setting the foundation for decision intelligence at enterprise scale and turning every customer’s business into a data-driven enterprise.

We start with your business’ vision and goals to set an appropriate decision-making framework in place to help achieve and track these goals. We provide an end-to-end solution that delivers insights that rely on trustworthy data and reports in a timely manner.

Actionable Data. Real Value

We provide efficient and accurate machine learning solutions that meet an organization’s business goals, helping them make accurate decisions in a timely manner. We use machine learning and AI capabilities to solve complex challenges and create a data-driven culture.

Our services include:

  • Building chatbots
  • Increasing the performance of forecasting and decision-making through deep learning services
  • Building and training ML models to identify data patterns through prediction services
  • Employing various methods and techniques that extract clear information from complex and hard-to-interpret data

We also focus on Machine Learning Ops as a framework for managing ML lifecycles through automation and scalability. We use ML Ops and its powerful tools with the aim of transforming business operations and generating revenue streams through a structured approach

Manage the data to work for the business