ITWorx Implements an Internet Portal to Help RAK Citizens Interact with RAK Economics Department

Customer Profile

Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK) Economics Department is responsible for supporting the
business sector through offering economic services for sustainable economic
development by making the best of human and financial resources

Executive Summary

ITWorx develops a bilingual, branded Internet portal for Ras AlKhaimah (RAK) Economics Department, where citizens and businesses can easily search for information, find and track eServices published on the RAK eGovernment portal, submit their opinions, complaints, and feedback through responding to
polls and surveys with the option of directly emailing the management, and finally view new announcements and events posted on the portal. In addition, ITWorx provides a content management system, allowing RAK Economics Department’s staff to add, update, approve, and publish the content on the portal with access to rights management, version control, and automated approval workflows. ITWorx solution also helps RAK staff to improve content authoring and approval cycle by providing clear, customer-defined, and easy workflows to manage content lifecycle and create numerous versions of any document. To help staff measure portal usage, ITWorx solution provides statistics related to number of page visits, number of queries, and other measures.

Technologies and Software

▪ Microsoft Exchange 2010▪ Microsoft SQL 2008▪ SharePoint Servers 2010▪ Microsoft System CenterOperations Manager R2▪ Microsoft TMG▪ Windows Server 2008

Quality Control