We understand the importance of employee experience (EX) as an essential emerging business function in the ever-changing tech world and hybrid working environments.

Employees are every company’s most valuable asset. Their success is what drives the company forward. Now more than ever, employees need a digital workplace that makes it easier for them to do their job from diverse work setting, keeping them connected to the organization and their peers.

Check out DoZen, our digital workplace and employee experience platform.

A people-first environment both on and off the clock

Make your employees feel supported whether they’re in the office, at home, or on the frontlines by building a people-first culture that encourages and drives employee engagement with a platform that supports and enhances the complete employee lifecycle from onboarding to all Moments that Matter.

Bring digital employee experiences to life through guided and personalized journeys that enhance and optimize key professional and personal moments, from becoming a manager to becoming a parent. Our dynamic, employee-first learning resources, pulse surveys, helpful tools, and relevant tasks will help you discover exactly what your employees need exactly when they need it, setting them up for success no matter the position.

Build high value employeeexperience solutions

We offer employee experience solutions that combine a focus on user experience and design (UX) with the latest technologies in the market such as Power Apps, SiteCore, SharePoint, .Net, and Office 360 tools.

Security made easy

Our solutions can be extended to include role management processes. We define a security matrix that considers privacy and security requirements for different information types to focused groups, making managing confidential and sensitive information a much simpler and more secure process.

We look at the entire employee journey, mapping the major touchpoints along the way. We then dive deeper into the moments that matter most, transforming them into intuitive employee journeys and digital workplaces personalized to each employee

Personalize your best-fit professional moments