Our values define us and what we stand for. They guide us in our mission to build technologies that
make people happier. Our HAPPPI values bind us together and should be what guides your behavior
in all that you do at ITWorx.


We put a lot of focus on creating a healthy work environment where every employee feels
encouraged to bring their entire self to work. Happiness creates a space where we empower each
other — where everyone’s unique way of being is embraced, voices are heard, perspectives are
respected, and efforts are appreciated. Happiness is producing work we’re proud of and feeling
good while doing it alongside our teammates.

Happiness is creating opportunities for others, it’s how the magic happens!


Agility is a mindset that embodies innovation, collaboration, and flexibility. As a culture and
workforce that embraces agility, we’re bold and we move fast which means we’re more than ready
to face new challenges, overcome obstacles, find fresh solutions, and deliver exceptional results.


True success can never be achieved without passion. Passion is an internal motivator and energy
that allows us to do our work with care, quality, and the utmost attention to detail. Our passion for
what we do manifests itself in all the ways we make the world a better place for our partners and


Our people are our greatest asset and the foundation of our success. As such we respect and value
each other, taking our people into consideration in all that we do. We take care of our people and
are committed to their personal and professional growth and development.


Happy, passionate, and agile employees are the recipe for our Profit value. Profit is vital for
sustaining the growth of our company and our people. By investing in our people we are able to
improve our products and services which is how we make a difference in the lives of our partners
and clients — the true guarantee of our financial success.


Integrity is the foundation on which we build all our relationships and how we foster trust amongst
each other and our clients. We operate with transparency and accountability across all levels,
practicing open and honest communication always. Consistently upholding strong ethical and moral
principles is how we create a culture where we can always respect and depend on each other.