ITWorx is proud to have served the aerospace & defense industry since 1996 as a critical business solutions provider. We’ve received various certifications of distinction including ‘Supplier Gold Digital Partner’ which has been successively renewed since 2016 for complying with all standards of excellence.

These are challenging times for all businesses, no less for aerospace and defense companies. In navigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry’s gears risked coming to a near standstill. High competition and falling demand made it imperative to be highly cost effective and innovative to support their customers efficiently, and it was digital transformation strategies that provided the solutions.

For that reason, companies that successfully transitioned their core activities to digitization have achieved up to four times the return on investment compared with other industry players.

ITWorx Expertise

Mapping The Route To A Digital Future

During these trialing times, ITWorx has been a leader in working with aerospace & defense companies, providing a comprehensive range of digital transformation strategies to suit every phase. We help our clients initiate robust transformation across the value chain and accelerate the process. We help your business capitalize on opportunities to reap returns and boost readiness for any future challenges.

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