At ITWorx, we understand the multifaceted and dynamic nature of the Life Sciences Industry. Indeed, the Life Sciences Industry comprehensively houses a wide assortment of enterprises working in agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, biomedical technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, and other sectors to create goods that improve lives – and enhance the quality of life – of all living organisms.

At ITWorx, we’re keenly aware that in the race towards modernization, supporting the stakeholders of the Life Sciences Industry by integrating business processes (shared among multiple agencies and stakeholders) while transforming independent IT applications into enterprise-wide and converged IT solutions is critical to the success of our Life Industry customers.

We’re always eager to reinforce our relationships with partners and clients to rethink, reshape, and rebuild the screening operations needed to support the life sciences industry’s nuanced and complex business and research cycles. In addition to bringing deeper insights into the systems and processes in place, we can help guide your business through implementing significant changes/updates (while minimizing the likelihood of error). As such, we serve as a vital partner and solutions provider to the Life Sciences industry. ITWorx’s teams work innovatively and relentlessly to support and guide scientists, researchers, agronomists, medical professionals, and biologists to generate meaningful data and results, ultimately satisfying end consumers.

Through our intelligently designed solutions, we have helped our Life Science Industry clients achieve incredible milestones:

  • Created room for more accurate decision–making.
  • Supported organizations in rethinking, reshaping, and rebuilding the screening operations for their research.
  • Transformed independent IT applications into enterprise-wide and converged IT solutions.
  • Accelerated R&D efforts by providing access to a cohesive global services and technology ecosystem.
  • Designed the space for more precise forecasting.
  • Reduced the steps and effort needed to conduct various business processes.
  • Improved the governance of corporate and scientific data and their lifecycle.
  • Enhanced data quality by improving the accuracy of the data and its traceability.
  • Resource optimizations and cost savings.
  • We have created various easily accessible/user-friendly knowledge-sharing tools by building virtual libraries that support uploading, accessing, and sharing helpful content/data.
  • Engineered and deployed various effective, efficient, and accurate tools that holistically support automated/real-time data extraction and analysis while providing the globally dispersed workforces with safe, secure, user-friendly, and easily accessible platforms that comprehensively house all this data.
  • Streamlined complex scientific processes – like genotyping – by creating solutions that automated the data collection and gathering processes relating to the genotyping of seeds.
  • Engineered and deployed a range of user-friendly web-based and mobile applications to support the work conducted by the multi-faceted stakeholders working in the agribusiness sector (producers, farmers, agronomists, and scientists).

The healthcare sector played a huge role in disseminating public service announcements containing information on essential guidelines/protocols to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Finally, the healthcare sector worked tirelessly to develop and distribute needed medications and vaccinations.

ITWorx has always been a trusted partner and solution provider to the multi-faceted healthcare sector. From helping governmental health ministries – in a range of countries – automate an assortment of business processes, to empowering healthcare providers/practitioners through the provision of safe, scalable, and cost-saving databases, to streamlining entire vaccination cycles, to helping governments effectively disseminate health-related information, to ensuring that individuals users have full access to critical medical records/data, ITWorx’s legacy and track record in the healthcare sector is dynamic, diverse, and exemplary!

The Magdi Yacoub Foundation has become synonymous with saving the lives of countless children (free of charge). The foundation’s commitment to comprehensively enhancing cardiac care while working tirelessly to dramatically change the health outcomes of the most vulnerable, particularly children, symbolizes hope and global awareness.

This is where ITWorx’s Heal a Heart Application comes in. This application not only streamlines the donation process but also acts as a hub for sharing essential cardiac health tips and insights, housing an assortment of the latest research and scientific achievements from the Aswan Heart Center. The application also enables users to become part of a global community that shares an inspiring passion for saving lives while providing insights into the real-world impact of donations.

ITWorx Expertise

We’ve been a full-service and global technology provider for the Life Sciences sector since 2003. These dedicated teams work closely with diverse agricultural business and information technology teams in supporting, developing, and integrating key systems across Research & Development, Production & Supply chains, and Commercial for Crop Protection & Seeds business units.

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