ITWorx Delivers AJ Web Portal to Facilitate Accessing Different Services Provided through a Centralized Location

The Challenge

Amanah of Jeddah is the governmental front of most services related to engineering and consultation offices at Jeddah. Both individuals and organizations submit paper requests for services either by directly heading to AJ office or by sending the papers via mail. Requested paperwork is manually transferred between different departments within AJ until work is completed. Whenever service requestors need to ask about or monitor transaction status, they must go to AJ for information. Using the manual system, it is impossible to query or monitor all transactions of a single individual or organization. Moreover, users cannot submit their own transactions directly, which increases the workload on AJ reception employees. To optimize and automate AJ services, AJ required a web portal to promote its web presence and present a centralized location for requests’ inquiries, issuance, and tracking.

The Solution

ITWorx designed and developed Amanah of Jeddah Web Portal to increase public awareness of AJ’s and provide an efficient communication channel where individuals can create transactions online, monitor their status, and manage their profiles. AJ employees have direct access to process transactions created by individuals or transferred by other AJ employees. AJ Portal comprises an internal site accessible to employees inside AJ premises and an external site published and made available for public use through the Internet, where both sites are managed by the same administration backend. AJ employees can log in to both sites and act as both external and internal user using the same user ID. To process requests, AJ portal initiates predefined automated workflow backend business cycles by submitting the service request provided by the portal. Through the internal portal, employees enhance and facilitate overall service provisioning processes and increase their productivity and control over the monitoring process. AJ Web Portal integrates the different services and workflows developed for AJ in a centralized location enabling AJ employees and public users to access and track different services quickly and efficiently.



The Benefits

  • Increase in public awareness of AJ’s
  • Efficient communication channel

Technologies and Software

  • Oracle Database 10.g
  • .NET Framework 2.0
  • NET 2.0
  • Microsoft Visual C#
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Windows Server 2003