An evolved workplace for an evolved perspective, DoZen empowers organizations to fully personalize and integrate their end-to-end digital workplace for every employee.

We are an experience-focused enterprise solution built on Sitecore® that provides a rich and engaging employee experience through personalization, campaigns, marketing, analytics, and omni-channel capabilities.

Foundational tools optimize our platform, delivering clear ROI through our Digital Workplace, Communications Tool, Employee Experience, and Self-Service Unification solution. These capabilities come together to create a seamlessly integrated, employee-centric ecosystem ready to meet the needs of everyone in your organization.

At DoZen, we know how to handle the complexity of enterprise intranets and how to best ensure successful deployment. We also understand that employee experience goes way beyond technology. Our team of business optimization experts take a step-by-step approach to a long-term strategy that’s right for your organization ensuring you meet your business goals and have an employee experience that your workforce will love.

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virtual onboarding
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/zen/ adjective: peaceful and calm.

Zen is what you do when your Internal Comms, IT, and HR departments are perfectly aligned.
Zen is what you do when momentum crosses projects, teams, and regions.

Zen is what you do when everything is in one place, personalized to each employee.