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Opportunities for students

Our Coded Summer Competitions are one of the main ways in which we foster a relationship with university students. The competition is announced each June on our social media channels, targeting students in Computer Science related fields that are in their third and fourth years of study. Students are assessed and divided into teams with whom they will then spend the next two months with working on a specific project chosen by ITWorx experts. The winning team’s project is operated within ITWorx’s processes as soon as the project is validated. Members of the winning team get to see their work truly come to life in a corporate environment and in many cases are top candidates considered for careers at ITWorx.

Opportunities for Fresh Graduates and Juniors

Our Fast-Track Program is an accelerated program dedicated to hiring juniors and new graduates from various departments and fields. These programs include extended training based on your specific skills and the roles that match these qualifications.
Fast-Track Programs are held several times a year and are announced on our social media channels.

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