ITWorx Provides du® with a Cutting-Edge “One-Stop-Shop” Self-Care Web Portal

Customer Profile

du is the second telecommunication services provider in the United Arab Emirates. Their complete range of services include mobile and fixed line telephony, broadband internet, TV, video, and business solutions, offering voice, data, video, and content services over fixed and mobile networks to residential and corporate customers

The Challenge

du® planned a phased introduction into the Telco market. Launching a comprehensive new Web portal with numerous e-services’ offerings is critical to provide and promote its best-in-class and up-to-date Telco services. These services should be integrated within a complex advanced technological environment and should meet the superior quality standards set by du to compete and exceed the already established market leader.


du examined the market for a flexible IT vendor who will be committed to them in their ramp-up stage. Such vendor should be able to deliver the portal within a limited time frame and leverage du diversified technological environments with intelligence and ease. The vendor should also have experience and know-how in developing portals, and, in specific, Telco self-care portals. du selected ITWorx.

The Solution

Having such a giant project in progress, ITWorx has geared up for building du portal by compiling a highly qualified team with Telco portal expertise in a very short period. Using Bea Weblogic, ITWorx developed a fully integrated “one-stop-shop” Web portal that hosts a wide array of e-services that consumers need. Such services include voice, data, video, broadband internet, TV, mobile and fixed-line telephony, and courier select, as well as other content services and business applications. The portal is being built on Vignette CMS (Content Management System) to enable content manipulation and control by portal administrators.


The portal is du e-business tool in the market. It is a self-care portal that will grant customers the flexibility and ease of use in managing and personalizing their own accounts online. Using an e-commerce infrastructure, customers will be able to make online purchases for services, accessories, and products through an “e-shop” that supports secured e-payment using HTTPS. The applications and infrastructure to be delivered are highly secured and being tested to eliminate potential security threats and breaches by the use of firewalls and strict access authorizations for customers and employees.


ITWorx is building the portal to be scalable with load balancing mechanisms to incorporate and integrate with new services and functions as well as to handle massive data requests to align with du’s future expansions and diversity plans.


The portal is being built in English and Arabic to cover the most widely spoken languages in the region. ITWorx offers du its committed ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure proactive improvement in the portal’s scope of services, stability, and performance.

The Benefits

  • Establishing a strong Web presence to boost du’s competitiveness
  • Investing in an advanced scalable solution to gain an increasingly satisfied nationwide customer-base
  • Launching du Web portal in a record time using a mixed onsite and offshore delivery model

Technologies and Software

  • J2EE
  • Web Services
  • BEA WebLogic Application Server 8.1.5
  • Vignette Application Portal 7.2.2
  • Vignette Content Management System 7.3.1