ITWorx Provides Egypt Post with a Website Hosting All Related Information

Customer Profile

Egypt Post is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, providing financial and postal services to individuals and enterprises. Founded in 1865, Egypt Post has grown to support over 3,700 postal offices located throughout Egypt with more than 44,000 employees.

The Challenge

As the number of services provided by Egypt Post increased enormously, the issues of speed, agility, and excellent service quality became crucial. A new, fully automated point of access was an obvious and vital solution. Egypt Post needed a flexible, easy-to-manage website, where customers can find online, relevant, up-to-date information about postal and financial services. With a tight deadline, limited budget, and huge amount of data that must be handled reliably, this was quite a challenging task.

The Solution

Based on its reputable experience in developing portals and integrating applications, ITWorx was chosen by Egypt Post to implement its website, a stepping stone to create a comprehensive gateway to have all the postal services accessible through the internet. The Egypt Post bilingual (English/Arabic) website provides seamless access to the latest information on various types of services. Through the Egypt Post website, the user can calculate the cost of mailing parcels, locate the nearest post office, find a zip code, and view the set of available stamps. In addition, services are listed with a brief description along with the pricing, forms, and steps needed for each service. Moreover, users can send their complaints or suggestions through the website and participate in the site polls through the surveyor module. One of the main challenges in developing the website was providing a simply managed, flexible, and generic schema that permits administrators to conduct changes easily, especially in the pricing rules. The website was developed with a powerful administration module that allows the administrator to add information regarding new services or modify existing site content on the fly without the need to re-write any code. In the end, remarkable results were achieved, where the customers using the website sent positive comments, praising its ease of use and rich content. Moving forward, Egypt Post plans to add an online payment system to the site that supports taking credit card orders and a tracking system that enables the customers to track their shipments and receive delivery notifications.

The Benefits

  • Accessing all updated information through the website
  • Publicizing services in a modern and attractive method
  • Increasing the number of potential customers
  • Measuring the level of satisfaction through the polls

Technologies and Software

  • Microsoft Active Server Page (Asp)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • ASP.Net