ITWORX Develops Rotana TV and Radio Streaming Gadget

Customer Profile

Rotana started off as a record company in 1987, and grew to become the leading producer / distributor of Arabic music and film in the world, with the highest
revenue generating mobile content corporation in the entire Middle East, North Africa, the Gulf and Europe. Rotana is owned by HRH Prince Al Waleed Ben Talal
Ben Abdel Aziz Al Saud.


As one of the leading producer / distributor of Arabic music and film in the world, Rotana sought to increase the mediums through which users could view its channels, thus increasing its viewership rates.

Accordingly, Rotana Digital Media, a subsidiary of Rotana Global, sought to develop a Windows Gadget that would become downloadable via Rotana’s websites. This gadget aims at increasing viewership rates of the various Rotana
channels, as well as providing marketing information to

The Solution

ITWORX developed Rotana TV and Radio Streaming Gadget which enables users to view different channel highlights and program schedules from their desktops.

The gadget is downloadable through Rotana online portal. A link is added to the portal main page that directs the user to the gadget page which provides instructions on the gadget features, system prerequisites.

The gadget is designed to appear into the user’s desktop once they switch on their computers, and operates once they are connected to the internet. Users have the quickest access to the content repository like TV and Music streams,
Downloads, News, and links to other featured services such as Top 10 songs, albums, etc.

Having their branded desktop application into many users’ desktops, mobile operators have the best opportunity to provide their customers with information about their services, and promotions through the ads spots, interstitial ads, and branded audio and video channels.

The gadget main menu consists of a number of categories including TV Channels, Music Channels, Other Services (Brought By The Operator), Downloads, and News.

Seven (7) TV channels are already broadcasted Free To Air. Upon clicking on any channel, it is considered a request to stream the channel which is optimized based on the user available bandwidth.

There are also four (4) Audio channels available, in addition to the mobile operator branded TV channel. An icon on the right side of each channel indicates the type of channel either Audio or Video. The rest of the streaming experience is typical to the TV Channels category.

The Other Services category delivers a list of links that are namely Brought By the mobile operator as in the case of zain and du gadget. Same like the Online Portal, the building blocks are designed to appear within an IFrame that pop-up
on the left side of the gadget Main Menu. The building blocks that are currently available within the gadget are Top 10 (Artists, Albums, Songs) and managing purchased items (Songs, Videos) as well as creating playlists.

Downloads includes a list of all types of downloads that are available on the online portal either branded content or pay for content. Exactly like the Brought By experience, all the links are to be opened within the IFrame within its

As for the news, a ticker starts once the gadget operates. A button beside the news feed gives the user the ability to choose his/her default preferred news type (Entertainment,International, Sports…etc) among the ones that the mobile
operator agreed to include. Clicking the RSS orange button that opens the full RSS within the IFrame enables the user to read more about specific news. The IFrame shows the most recent five (5) topics of the selected category. Next and
Previous buttons appear under the IFrame in order to let user bounce forward and backward to another five (5) news topics.

ITWorx team managed to develop the gadget successfully using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) technology which was used for the first time by the team.

The Benefits


▪ Enabling users to view different channel highlights & program schedules from their desktops
▪ Providing access to most of the content repository (TV & Music streams, Downloads, News…etc)
▪ Allowing mobile operators to provide their customers with information about their services, and promotions
▪ Giving the user the ability to choose his/her default preferred news type
▪ Windows Presentation Foundation
▪ Windows Server 2003
▪ Internet Information Services

Technologies and Software

▪ Microsoft SQL Server 2005▪ Microsoft Visual Studio 2005▪ Microsoft .Net framework 3.0▪ Windows PresentationFoundation▪ Windows Server 2003▪ Internet Information Services

Quality Control