ITWORX Helps Etisalat Misr Open New Channels for Customer Services through "Saytar"; a Smart Phones and Tablets Mobile Application

Customer Profile

Etisalat Misr is a leading international telecom company operating in 18 countries around the world. Egypt is one of the countries where operation was launched in May 2007 as the first 3.5G operator. Etisalat’s entry to the Egyptian market ushered in a new era for the telecom industry.

The Challenge

Etisalat is constantly striving to come up with innovative means to expand the reachability to its customers and assure continuous customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In that capacity, Etisalat sought to provide its subscribers with a branded mobile application that brings account management features to the palm of Etisalat smart phones and tablet customers.

The Solution

Based on ITWORX track record with worldwide Telco operators and its ongoing successful engagements with Etisalat Misr, Etisalat Misr selected ITWORX to develop a secure and user friendly mobile application (Saytar) that empowers Etisalat Misr Subscribers (post-paid, prepaid, and DSL) to fully control their accounts through iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices.


Saytar is a bilingual mobile application that enables subscribers to view account balance and consumption summary, pay bills, recharge cards, and manage the different usage plans and subscriptions. Users can also browse the latest Etisalat promotions and ringtones, redeem loyalty points and gifts, as well as access Etisalat YouTube channel and their social network account (Facebook and Twitter).


Saytar opens new channels for customer services and facilitates communication between subscribers and Etisalat through allowing users to report instantly any kind of network problem, track the complaint status, call customer services, or reach the nearest Etisalat stores via an interactive GPS enabled map.


Saytar also simplifies and speeds access to different Etisalat services, for instance, Request a Balance Transfer, Request a Please Recharge Me, Make a Collect Call, etc. Users can also manage their different communications such as making voice and video calls, sending SMS, MMS, VSMS or emails.


Additionally, the application displays automatically the most used actions by the user on the landing page with the possibility to customize the display which enriches user experience.


Saytar is the first mobile application of its kind in the Egyptian market and it successfully continues to put Etisalat in the forefront of introducing new innovative services; aiming for effective customer retention and increase in market share.

Etisalat  Saytar Mobile Application

The Benefits

  • Open new customer service channels
  • Speed account management process
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Add extra marketing differentiators
  • Facilitate Etisalat services access
  • Open new channel for customer services

Technologies and Software

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry