While the examples of users generating content on ChatGPT may make it seem as though ChatGPT is eliminating the role of the content creator, a closer look at how ChatGPT works tells us a more nuanced narrative/truth about the part of the content creator in this process. To safeguard great content, the prompt given to ChatGPT needs to be as specific as possible.

As such, the role of the content creator/manager has shifted into a more strategic framework. While a content creator may not need to type up and edit content his/herself to ensure the provision of optimum content, the content creator’s role is now more of a “Prompt Engineer” role. In other words, the content creator/user needs to be a Subject Matter Expert in content creation generally or in the subject matter of the required deliverable, more specifically, to safeguard the production of usable quality content. As such, content creators still play significant/indispensable roles as “Prompt Engineers.”

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