ITWORX Helps STC Monitor its Network Performance through a Performance Management Platform


STC owns a Service Deliver Platform (SDP) developed by Ericsson to manage STC different services; ATT (Air TimeTransfer), Groupy, Shabik, JawalNet, JawalTV, SPI, and Ma3com services. In order to have more visibility and to be able to view the whole performance of service and delivery channels, STC was looking for a solution which can expose the rich information stored in the SDP.

Customer Profile

STC is a regional Telecommunications leader in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
STC adopts a challenging program with the aim of transforming its business from a government system to the recognized commercial business standards.

The Solution

ITWORX implemented a data warehousing solution on top of the SDP Platform to generate different types of reports helping STC managers to track and monitor services, revenues, and subscriptions.

The solution is based on an ETL solution which runs automatically after 12 AM on the previous day’s data, to collect data from different data sources. The ETL solution runs on a number of data sources per a certain period of time interval to ensure the system is up and running with the highest performance possible. Data gathered is then stored in a data warehouse.

Business Objects BI tool then runs on the data warehouse to generate reports measuring subscriptions revenues and services’ usage statistics. The Business Objects BI tool maps database tables to a higher logical layer of the database
through a universe layer and thus ensures data security since data presented in this layer is read-only.

Generated reports, which are being accessible through Business Objects Web application, are presented in different formats; bar charts, pie charts, tables, and other reporting formats; and are presented with different filtering options
allowing executives to view required analysis.

Through the reports generated, STC marketing team able to monitor numbers of new subscriptions for different STC services, post/prepaid customers, services’ revenue generated, and other different information related to services and delivery channels.

The Benefits

▪ Tracking subscriptions, services, and revenues
▪ Generated reports providing analysis for STC services Technologies and Software
▪ Java
▪ Bussiness Objects Technologies for Reporting
▪ Oracle DB 10g Technical Features
▪ Daily/weekly reports
▪ Data collection agent pulls the data from different network components
▪ Universe layer
▪ Business Objects UI Interface
▪ Business Objects InfoView

Business Benefits

▪ Providing flexible reporting and charting abilities
▪ Daily/weekly reports
▪ Graphical analysis and reporting
▪ Secure Data
▪ Using drag and drop to create

Technologies and Software

  • SharePoint 2010
  • Lync, ADFS
  • Windows workflows
  • iPhone IOS, Android OS, Windows 8

Quality Control