The Challenge

In order to continue pursuing its vision to be a leading mobile service provider, Orange keeps on enhancing and upgrading its internal operation practices and processes to improve the service it provides to its customers.

As part of this vision, Orange’s Legal Department needs to automate its Contract Circulation Workflows by implementing the workflows on Orange’s Intranet based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007.

The Solution

With a deep understanding of Orange’s needs, ITWORX is currently developing Orange’s Contract Circulation System solution using K2 BlackPoint that is used as a workflow design tool to create workflows easily on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

ITWORX is using K2 BlackPoint to design four (4) workflows as a start, each consisting of about twenty (20) steps that allow attaching several documents along with a list of payments associated with the contract. The four (4) workflows automate the following processes: New Contract Request, Contract Renewal, Contract Termination, and Contract Withdrawal.

Once the user issues a request, the workflows are initiated by filling the corresponding forms. These forms are designed by Microsoft InfoPath to allow adding any validation or logic to each form. As the workflow proceeds, users will be allowed to attach one or more documents to that request to be reviewed, approved, or rejected in the next steps.

The form will then continue the circulation process until it reaches its end and manually gets stored in an external archiving system.

The Contract Circulation System is integrated with Oracle Finance to store the contract financial information and retrieve certain supplier details. The solution also enables Orange’s team to monitor contract circulation processes by displaying statistical reports provided by K2 BlackPoint.

ITWORX also extended its services, developing a Travel System solution to help Orange’s travel department automate its Travel, Event, and Travel Services Workflows by implementing the workflows on Orange’s Intranet based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. For easier access, the workflows are initiated once the user issues a request by filling the corresponding forms.

The Document Approval System solution development helps all Orange’s departments to automate any document approval process through a generic document approval workflow.

Customer Profile

Formerly known as Mobinil, Orange is the first mobile phone operator in Egypt, founded on March 4, 1998. Orange provides voice and data exchange services and 4G, 3G, ADSL, and Broadband Internet.


▪ Automating and accelerating Orange’s processes
▪ Monitoring the contracts circulation process
▪ Pin-pointing the bottleneck activities in the workflows to enhance them in the future.
▪ Providing the possibility of easily modifying the workflow processes by the customer in the future.

Technologies and Software

▪ MOSS 2007
▪ Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2
▪ Microsoft Office InfoPath
▪ Oracle Finance
▪ K2 BlackPoint Workflow Engine

Technical Features

▪ Contracts circulation and approval workflow
▪ Travel request workflow
▪ CapEx request and approval workflow
▪ Pricing memo workflow