This summer, ITWORX witnessed an engaging internship program where interns were able to learn and work as full time employees; we didn’t perceive them as passive receivers who come to work to kill time.
The internship program was part of ‘ITWORX Productive Summer 2015’ and that is how ITWORX has focused on developing productive interns. According to the interns, the internship was not stereotypical like any internship they have had before. They were passionate about what they were doing and that is why they appreciated doing work like normal employees for the company.

Interns felt that they can be trusted doing the work and that is why they challenged themselves to give their best quality. Summer Internship 2015 managed to let interns use their theoretical background in creating an effective input to the company.For them, it was not only about taking trainings, it was also about learning how to apply their academic knowledge into work for efficient results.

Interns believed that they are part of ITWORX family. They were intrigued by how employees treat, deal and work with each other. Most of them emphasized on the idea that ITWORX has a friendly and familiar atmosphere. They also admired the fresh perspective ITWORX has about work and projects.
They emphasized on the idea that most of the corporate’s managers are young; they acknowledged their managers’ willingness to listen to their ideas and to engage them in the process of decision making.
An outing has been arranged in a place called ‘Break Out’ where they had to develop team building skills to be able to finish the activity. It was a great day for them to experience work from another angle which is fun.

They also had the chance to have breakfast with Hafez Hamdy, ITWORX CEO to discuss their learning experience, questions and suggestions. They had an overview about ITWORX since it has started and they had the opportunity to talk to Hamdy as the future employees of the corporation.

It was a productive internship for a productive summer. ITWORX has given the interns the chance to prove themselves as employees and they worked passionately to achieve that goal.

Check out also the video for the program below: