Empowering conscientious and culturally sensitive collaborations, enhancing career journeys, and cultivating a committed talent pool, are the building blocks of enriching Employee Experience (EX). With this in mind, ITWorx, in partnership with QnA International, collaborated to bring the business world Employee Engagement: Re-imagined! Taking place in Dubai, the exceptional event was home to a guest list of seasoned veterans and C-level Executives in the fields of Human Resources (HR) and Communications. The attendees proactively enriched this event with their insightful comments, years of experience, and forward-looking thinking while participating in light-hearted networking over energizing coffee and delicious food.

The event opened with an eloquent Keynote Presentation by Human Capital guru Dr. Ebrahim AlKhajeh: Human Capital Director at Abu Dhabi Customs. Following Dr. AlKhajeh’s insightful introductory speech, ITWorx’s very own President, Asser Ezzo, delivered an enlightening presentation defining the obstacles facing organizations in a post-Covid epoch of remote and hybrid work. Simultaneously Asser’s presentation charted a constructively detailed roadmap for the future of workplace cultures by delineating the countless ways in which implementing digital Employee Experience (EX) platforms can help organizations overcome obstacles.

Following Asser’s perceptive presentation was a lively panel discussion outlining how organizations can work to create an engaging, dynamic, and desirable workplace environment/workforce. The panel discussion spotlighted Ms. Debra Tales (Group Vice President, People & Culture, Al Ghurair Investment), Mr. Imran Ahmad Group (Chief HR Officer, Jashanmal National Company LLC), Ms. Mona Mohamed Fekri (Chief Human Capital Officer, Dubai Cable Company – DUCAB), and Dr. AlKhajeh. ITWorx’s People & Culture Director, Wessam Wagdy, moderated the panel discussion.

Following the panel discussion was an animated and interactive demo (expertly administered by ITWorx’s very own Director of Research & Development, Amr Elsehemy) of ITWorx’s latest and greatest Employee Experience (EX) platform: DoZen. From personalizing content to creating digital cultural communities to facilitating collaboration to sharing employee milestones to customizing onboarding features, to gamifying employee experience, to identifying patterns using analytics, to unifying multiple layers of work in one personalized place (and so much more), the demo highlighted the endless ways in which DoZen can drive organizations, and their employees, towards measurable success. Indeed, when employees can conceptualize and SEE their place in the organization (as human beings first), and when employees can DO their work and manage their 9 to 5 (alongside their 5 to 9) from a single platform, they will be encouraged to LIVE, and experience work very differently (without risking employee burn-out, nor hurting the organization’s bottom-line results). Questions on everything related to DoZen were then answered by ITWorx’s Product Engineering Executive Director Nermine Ghonima, and Amr Elsehemy, during a series of focused round table discussions.

With a legacy spanning 25 years in designing, implementing, and supporting Employee Experience (EX) solutions, we are proud to say that ITWorx’s event – Employee Engagement, Re-imagined – builds upon our historical, regional, and international paradigm-shifting presence in the field of EX. To find out more about ITWorx’s DoZen, be sure to visit our website!