A dynamic industry, Agribusinesses are always mindful of the need to sustain a constant food supply, while ensuring that the products are nutritious, safe for consumption, and responsive to dietary shifts.

At ITWorx, we’re keenly aware that in the race towards modernization in a global world, integrating multiple agencies and stakeholders, transforming independent IT applications into enterprise-wide and converged IT solutions are key. We serve as a vital partner in these major agro-based initiatives to support and guide their lifecycle and create meaningful results for the ultimate end-users – farmers and producers.

We’re always eager to reinforce our relationships with partners and clients to rethink, reshape, and rebuild the screening operations for their research. In addition to bringing deeper insights into the systems and processes in place, we can help guide your business through the implications of major changes, minimizing the likelihood of error.

ITWorx Expertise

We’ve been a full-service and global technology provider for the Agricultural sector since 2003 with more than 200 employees. These dedicated teams work closely with diverse agricultural business and information technology teams in supporting, developing, and integrating key systems across Research & Development, Production & Supply chains, and Commercial for Crop Protection & Seeds business units.

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