In keeping with ITWorx’s tradition of being a “people-first” solution provider, this year’s Corporate Event (CE) looked to extend and emphasize this message internally. As such, the theme for this year’s CE was “YOU are ITWorx.” At ITWorx, we like to visually conceptualize our company as a scenically colorful mosaic, with each ITWorxian being a uniquely beautiful piece that compliments the exquisiteness of the overall image!

Capitalizing on our workplace culture, we wanted to ensure that ITWorxians understand the indispensability of their unique contributions to organizational success. Indeed, we wanted our ITWorxians to know that their irreplaceable prints and contributions continue to drive ITWorx towards organizational success: it is not an exaggeration to say that every single ITWorxian is a foundational building block to ITWorx’s success.

In that spirit, we felt it was time to celebrate the exemplary commitment, galvanizing passion, amicable agility, inspiring integrity, and incredible all-around work of our inspiring ITWorxians. From the moment ITWorxians walked through the door, they were greeted with an assortment of fun activities (including a polaroid photo booth and an instant laser tattoo artist), delicious snacks, refreshing juice, energizing coffee, and an opportunity for some casual networking.

As ITWorxians moved inside the banquet hall, the MCs introduced this year’s theme! It was then time for some ice-breaking fun through a puzzle-type game. The winners of this intellectually stimulating challenge received VIP Cinema Tickets.

After the game came the Keynote Speech delivered by ITWorx’s very own Founder and Managing Director, Youssri Helmy. The speech highlighted the triumphs of 2022 and delineated the strategic roadmap for 2023. Following Youssri’s speech was a small break, proceeded by the first tombola; a random name was drawn, and the lucky winner – Hesham Higazy- received a Smart Watch!

Following this, it was time for ITWorx’s very own Human Resources Director, Wessam Mostafa, to deliver an insightfully perceptive presentation, outlining how ITWorx has improved the experience of its people -i.e., ITWorxians- in the year 2022 and how this 28-year long tradition will continue to grow, prosper, and flourish in the year 2023. In direct application of ITWorx’s open-door policy, the floor was then open for ITWorxians to ask questions to the organization’s leadership candidly.

Following this Q & A Session was an engaging Kahoot! Trivia Game (and we have to say ITWorxians went WILD for this game, with the winning team receiving VIP Cinema tickets). It was then time for a hot lunch, served with a side of light-hearted socialization. After the lunch break, ITWorxians worked together to construct ITWorx City, literally! Once completed, the built city provided a perfect opportunity for photos.

The day, of course, did not end there; as a humble show of gratitude to our ITWorxians, giveaways were distributed to all attending ITWorxians. It was then time for Asser Ezzo, ITWorx’s President, to randomly draw a name and announce the winner of the second tombola: ITWorxian Ahmed Shehata won a Nespresso Machine!

Once all was said and done, ITWorx’s different teams/departments took turns taking photos on stage to commemorate this fantastic event and its many memorable moments. We loved seeing our ITWorxians come together; to many more years of true-to-form ITWorxian H.A.P.P.P.I-ness!