ITWorx Education separated from its parent company ITWorx and poised for growth

YAS Holding and ITWorx are excited to announce the acquisition of ITWorx Education, which for over 10 years operated as a business unit inside ITWorx.

With a vision of transforming education around the world, ITWorx Education provides educational services that aim to transform learning and instruction through the application of technology. ITWorx Education solutions have more than 4.5M users around the globe confirming their success and steadfast commitment towards transforming education. ITWorx Education’s diverse selection of solutions employs the latest technologies and education techniques to empower and inspire learners, taking education to a whole new era.

YAS Holding’s acquisition expands the regional footprint and manpower of its thriving education sector portfolio. YAS will continue to run ITWorx Education as an independent entity while expanding its team and product portfolio.

“This acquisition is a gamechanger for us to continue to grow in and focus on Middle East”- Ahmed Hamada, ITWorx Education CEO

This strategic step will help YAS Holding expand its educations portfolio and growth plans. The new YAS subsidiary will operate using the same name to capitalize on-brand value and build on the many successful products and solutions that ITWorx Education has developed.

“YAS’s strategic education growth objectives are accelerated by this acquisition. We have great plans for it.” – Murshed Al Redaini, YAS Group CEO

YAS Holding is a business development and investment company based in Abu Dhabi. They have successfully launched and transformed many investment initiatives into profitable businesses in a diverse range of sectors.

ITWorx wishes ITWorx Education the best of luck in its future endeavors.

The transaction closed in January, and Canas Capital acted as the seller’s advisor.

“We thrive on building businesses and exiting them to strategic partners globally. This keeps them on fast growth tracks while maintaining ITWorx’s core focus of creating technologies that make people happy.” – Youssri Helmy, ITWorx Founder and CEO

“We’re excited to see our portfolio companies exiting and becoming part of a strategic regional initiative such as YAS’s.” – Romen Mathieu, ITWorx Chairman, GP EuroMena Private Equity Funds