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ITWORX Sponsors the 9th United Way Charity Bike Ride

November 1, 2018


Fostering the genuine partnership that stretches beyond business outcome, ITWORX joined Otis Elevator and UTC as a platinum sponsor for their 9th Annual United Way Bike Ride on Friday September 14th.

The charity event which raised USD 72,000 for the local chapter of the United Way saw the participation of 192 cyclists and around 60 volunteers and supporting staff from Otis, Pratt & Whitney, UTAS, UTRC, CCS and UTC – a 10% increase in participation over last year.



The participating cyclists took part in one of three races that took place in Farmington, Connecticut’s Winding Trails and the surrounding towns spanning 48, 80, and 100 km. Other cyclists took part in the 24 km mountain biking race in the woods, while donors who couldn’t join the ride contributed with virtual rides.

“Leading organizations measure their success not only in terms of profit, but by the change they bring to their communities,” says ITWORX CEO Hafez Hamdy. “We believe that our partnership with Otis is not confined to business, but extends to other initiatives that leave a positive impact on the community. And what better way to do so than through a fun day of cycling, BBQ, and plenty of good time dedicated to such a charitable cause?”



Resonating with Hamdy’s enthusiasm for the event, many ITWORXians have expressed their sheer excitement for the annual event which brings everyone together for a fun-filled day where everyone contributes to a great cause. From cycling to cheering, grilling, or just coming out to say hello, everyone adds fun and flare to the day.

Unlike cycling marathons whereby the winners are those who make to the finish line first, everyone is a winner at the United Way charity bike ride; the real prize lies in the out-of-office quality time everyone spends.



Since its inception in 2010, the charity event has generated over USD 300,000 for United Way. With every passing year, more people take place, more money is raised, and naturally more memories are created.

Just as the event organizers hope to create more fun and generate more money for charity, ITWORXians look forward to future marathons and longer cycling routes.