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Sharing resources and/or collaboration among organizations are worldwide promoted trends. The mutual benefits for both organizations is higher compared to the incentives a company gains alone from its one resources. The business jargon labels such magnified effects and synergy effects.

Focusing on software development organizations and independent software vendors (ISVs), it is discovered that they are highly exposed to different challenges, like change management, cost reduction and time-to-market requirements. Thus, trusted partners are addressed by many organizations, to act as extended development and co-development arms for the creation of innovative and superlative software solutions.

With verified onshore and offshore business engagements and certified software development models, ITWORX accrues its skills, processes, and technology partnerships to offer its technical expertise in application design, development, implementation, quality management, security auditing, deployment, and support.

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Onsite: The onshore or onsite experience of our engineers encompassed many Fortune 500 listed organizations, which are scattered in many countries around the globe. Our trained, highly skilled and certified teams are used to work in multiethnic and multicultural societies with the highest independence and excellence. Also staff leasing/augmentation can be considered an Onsite service, which helps customers to focus on their core business, provides them with flexible staffing levels, safeguards them against fast-changing technological skill requirements, and finally transform most of the customer’s CapEx into OpEx.


The offshore outsourcing offers flexible staffing levels, is cost-effects and uses the latest state-of-the art technologies and facilities to guarantee a smooth workflow and on-time, best quality delivery.

Based on the client’s preference, we offer also mixed models that unify on- and offshore working environments.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

Virtual captive
Teams are formed and gathered together from different specializations and levels, to ensure that delivery units effectively and efficiently meet the client’s requirements, with total management authorization for the client.


The technologies used and software development fall under different paradigms, like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Linux, Middleware and Java. We also provide services in software development specialization, support, operation, infrastructure building and maintenance.

Staff Leasing

Staff Leasing

Offshore staffing enables firms to establish their own teams overseas. Employees are then full-time deployed resources originating from the country where operations are taken place. The virtual staff is then legally employed, yet they will directly report to your organization. Moreover, your organization has the opportunity to determine the level of direct control over the composed team. The management could be through various communication channels, such e-mails, telephone, Skype or on-site.

The offshore staff leasing process is based on a simple idea, and is very similar to the hiring process you undergo

The benefits of offshore staffing are immense. For instance, you will be able to save 70% of the human resource costs. Besides, cost efficiency is also translated through the reduced need to provide the offshore staff with workstations, connectivity of any other related facilities. Other benefits include a better operational flexibility, access to talented and highly qualified employees, transparency and control, and global reach.

Virtual Captives

Virtual Captives

Captive outsourcing is another foremost offshoring model, next to the offshore outsourcing. What is special about the captive one, is that it is a completely owned subsidiary, established as an extension of the mother company, which remains in full control. Yet, sticking with the captive model consumes large initial investments and time. ITWORX offers its clients to handle their entire business process.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Not all organizations tend to stick with external providers, and prefer rather to align with joint ventures. One of the reasons that supports this conception is that the data sensitivity and immense confidentiality that your company may be dealing with, which in turn calls for a high level of operational control and quality assurance. The virtual captive model plays here a key role to solve this problem, by providing clients the option to customize their offshore operation and enable them to control the daily operations.
Within joint ventures you company will be able to leverage its domestic resources, and experience ITWORX’ concept in running your processes effectively and smoothly.



Many companies prefer to fully own and control the complete offshore operation. To satisfy this preference we offer a Build-Operate-Transfer arrangement (hereafter: BOT). BOT is mainly run in two phases: 1. Build and operate your offshore operation for a set duration of time, and 2. Transfer the whole operation to you locally-based cooperation.

Jeddah Municipality Realizes Remarkable Performance Improvement with ITWORX Correspondence Tracking System (CTS)

Leading the charge to sustainable development, Jeddah Municipality is undertaking strategic initiatives to e-transform its internal processes and operations in a quest for greater productivity and better services for its citizens. As part of this endeavor, ITWORX custom-developed the Correspondence Tracking System (CTS), a web-based process monitoring application for tracking governmental transactions, and integrated it with its Microsoft-based e-services platform. The result? Average executed transactions per day multiplied leading to a significant rise in the number of daily submitted requests and increased credibility of the Municipality’s operations and performance.

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Jaddah, KSA By Jeddah Images (Jeddah Images) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Managed Services

These services provide an environment, an application or a server farm, where the clients’ operations, maintenance, performance guarantees and service level agreements run on it. The teams dedicated to that have strong technical backgrounds and occupy different specializations.

ITWORX Outsourcing Specializations

  • Application design
  • Application development and implementation
  • Application quality management
  • Application security auditing
  • Application deployment and support
  • Support operations maintenance
  • Infrastructure experts
  • Security experts
  • Quality control and quality assurance teams