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Following our strong user experience and development work methodologies granted ITWORX as one of the top creative software agencies that understand and care about how the user will receive its applications and how we enrich our client’s business by providing them the top class premium UX for their projects and business.

ITWORX, as one of the unique software houses in the region, harvested many awards in the User Expertise sector from many worldwide recognized names like “Adobe site of the day” by Adobe corporation for Vodafone Egypt project and the Year’s 10 Best Intranets by Nielsen Norman Group for Ooredoo Group Intranet (The Nielson Norman Award is perceived as a great worldwide recognition).

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What we offer

ITWORX has a long pedigree in creating innovative usable interfaces that support target audiences, increase performance, improve customer satisfaction. We excel at the following:

  • User Research, Ideation and prototyping
  • Portals, Web design and development
  • User Experience and Graphic Design
  • Usability Consulting
  • Creative concepts and ideas to promote new products and services
  • Rich Applications design & development
  • Online Marketing and Campaigns
  • Content Management and Maintenance Support

Our expertise also extends to Digital Strategy, Content Strategy, Gamification UX, Smart Gov Portals, Corporate portals, Intranets, Mobile Applications, Responsive and Hybrid mobility solutions, presentations and Help documents.

Team Certificates & Qualifications


UX Strategy



In the Discover phase, we pay extensive attention to end users’ goals, needs and expectations, in addition to business goals and marketing objectives. Our methods include focus groups, analyzing google analytics reports, domain best practices research and card sorting.



Our main mission here is to build intuitive and creative graphical interfaces that meet the standards of the fast-changing UX design industry. Our work is supported by a strong User Experience work methodology and creative process, which add real business value to every piece of work we deliver.

Develop UI

Develop UI

Implementing the user interface design is one of the critical success factors in any project or product. Our concrete work process and quality reviews start with prototyping and mastering out-of-the-box code for different solutions such as SharePoint, OpenText (formerly Vignette) in addition to the HTML5, CSS3 and advanced JavaScript framework that supports and maintains correct solutions in serving business and technical aspects.



The final phase is product evaluation activities. These are ongoing at each stage of the design process. We apply different evaluation techniques based on project type, budget, time and criticality. Evaluation methods range between users testing, card sorting, experts’ reviews, heuristics evolutions and A/B Testing.

Ooredoo Group Intranet, among the World's Best 10 Intranets in 2014 by Nielsen Norman Group

Best 10

2014 Intranets
by Nielsen Norman Group

Ooredoo Group Intranet, buzz, developed in partnership with ITWORX has been selected by Nielsen Norman Group judging committee as one of the year’s 10 Best Intranets in the world in 2014 Annual Nielsen Norman Intranet Design Award. This is great recognition for both Ooredoo and ITWORX, with the Ooredoo Group Intranet being the only portal from the Middle East and Asia to make it into Neilson Norman World top ten, selected from dozens of entries, worldwide.
Nielsen Norman Group is a leading research firm that has been conducting groundbreaking research, evaluating interfaces of all shapes and sizes, and guiding critical design decisions to improve the bottom line.
ITWORX was assigned by Ooredoo Group to partner on the User Experience. This included usability research, usability tests, visual & interactive designs, user interface development and software development.

Explore in Depth

Doha, Qatar By Nmnogueira (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Why choose ITWORX?

One of our edges is that all of our functions truly work together in harmony. They’re also supported by smart processes, that ensure our products and services deliver great value, and push our partners’ businesses ahead.

We also have a unique passion for UX. We constantly evolve our process, concepts and designs to deliver best practices, and to make our products and services the best in market: original, creative and effective.