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This enormous volume of data represents both a challenge and an opportunity for both government agencies and private sector clients, who seek to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency.

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What We Offer

Our experienced Big Data team works with our customers to unlock the value of Big Data through a wide range of technologies and tools. We provide full end-to-end solutions that leverage the power of big data technologies in the following areas:

Utilizing Enterprise Data for Useful Insights

We work with our customers to identify the valuable data sources for their business. In addition to normal structured data, we help our customers utilize and derive value from the large volumes of unstructured data like application logs and machine logs.

Building an Enterprise Data Hub Using Hadoop

Through our solutions, we help our customers manage a unified data hub architecture through integrating traditional data platforms into a Big Data environment; this helps in utilizing data to generate business value regardless of its volume or format.

Extending the Data Warehouse Capabilities with New Big Data Technologies

With the increasing volumes of data as well as business demand for real time analysis and insights, investing to scale the traditional Data Warehouse is becoming more challenging. With cost efficient Big Data technologies like Hadoop, we help IT departments build efficient scalability plans to support the continuous increase in business demands.

Providing Advanced Analytics Services

We work with our customers to build advanced analytics models that enable a business to discover hidden knowledge within data; this empowers the organization and provides the tools & capability to predict the future, operate efficiently and make informed decisions.

Enterprise data strategy assessments

We work with our customers to build their data strategies that put their long-term Big Data objectives in the forefront of the organization’s plan.

Sample Practices

Social Media Sensor

Social media is one of the most revealing channels on public trends and opinions. ITWORX Social Media Sensor offers you the ability to be on top of the trend and sense the real market feedback towards your organization.
ITWORX Social Media Sensor allows you to measure the reach and awareness of your brand, services & products and get a better understanding of the competition and customer’s preferences. Our Opinion Mining solution enables you to develop a highly informative strategy to manage your perceived value, your customers’ relation and the way to enhance your products and services.
For more details, please visit our Media Sensor page.

Big Data for the Life Science Industry

Our solution encloses the following:

  • Developing a scalable Big Data solution that is used as a staging-data processing area running over open-source “Hadoop” technology
  • The new methodology moved one of the most complex scientific calculations performed over a large volume of data from the Data Warehouse to a Hadoop distributed processing environment. The new environment was chosen to support the continuous increase of data used in complex scientific processing as required by the business.


ITWORX Announces Partnership with Cloudera!


Since January 5th, 2015 ITWORX is officially a bronze Cloudera Partner, as formally declared by Jodi Hall, Manager, Partner Programs at Cloudera. Cloudera is an US-based company that offers Apache Hadoop-based software, support, training to business clients and further services . This strategic partnership derives mutual benefits for both parties, like for instance knowledge exchange!