12/12/2010 Riyadh, KSA

ITWorx teamed with Al Khaleej and Baud Telecom Company (BTC) to deliver the Saudi Ministry of Labour (MOL) a state-of-the-art web-based solution including e-services, internal applications, centralized data repository and portal. In this project, ITWorx shouldered the portal delivery along with 8 core e-services to be connected to Yesser GSB.


Saudi employers and citizens are now empowered with enhanced government services that include employment, Saudization and expatriate labor requests in addition to work permits. Spanning 38 offices throughout the kingdom, connecting the different MOL offices through a centralized application that would help reduce operation costs posed a challenge.


“ITWorx built a secure and robust portal while keeping in mind the existence of information auditing and approval work cycles within a well-defined, customizable, and dynamic security context that focuses on both data privacy and integrity”.


Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Micosoft Biztalk and SQL Server along with other technologies, ITWorx delivered a world class, bilingual portal that allows MOL to publish labour information and e-services for employees, citizens, ministries, and private sector companies. The portal also offers several functionalities ranging from notifications, news, and press releases, to information centers that locate labour offices. In addition the portal enables user registration and profile management.


ITWorx built and automated the core services covering: employment, work permits and expatriate labour requests, sponsorship transfer, change of job description, change of worker status, labor disputes, and inspections in conjunction with their backend manpower applications used inside the labour offices. Moreover, ITWorx managed to validate the data of these services through connecting to Yesser GSB, which helped increase the productivity of the labor offices and MOL and saved the cost and effort vested in redundant manual paper based process.


GSB acts as a central integration platform that provides shared, value-added, electronic and transactional services among Saudi governmental entities connected together. GSB provides access to shared data, payment services, and notification engines. Its main role is promoting loosely-coupled, highly-centralized services that can be seamlessly integrated.


“We aim to continue helping our customers to deliver better citizen services. Our engagement with MOL was a success. We delivered excellent and fast results because of knowledge sharing and effective communication between MOL, Microsoft, project stakeholders and us. We are proud of being able to add value to this initiative by MOL and we look forward to more future cooperation.” Ahmed Badr, General Manager, Government, ITWorx.


“Our long history with ITWorx encouraged us to use their expertise in developing citizen-centric software solutions for the region. Our goal is to encourage our global partners’ innovation to make the best use of Microsoft technologies in order to add real end-user value. This is what ITWorx has succeeded to do with MoL. They have studied MoL internal processes and workflows carefully and tackled what needed to be optimized. The results were improved employee efficiency and much better services for MoL stakeholders in private sector. We have received a superior customer feedback as usual when commissioning ITWorx, and we look forward to future cooperation.” Samir Noman, President of Microsoft Arabia