10/18/2009 Dubai, UAE

ITWorx, a leading software professional services organization in the Middle East, released today a Business Intelligence service offering for governments in the MENA region – ITWorx Government Performance Management (GPM). Performance management harnesses information technology to help link performance to goals, increase transparency, and endorse accountability; to ultimately raise the value of public services and the level of efficiency with which government bodies are managed.


With challenging ambitions, tough targets, and rapidly growing economies entwined within a volatile global economy, governments are becoming increasingly focused on both performance and accountability. They face regulatory compliance and budget commitments; they need to monitor and report on internal processes and operational performance; and they are increasingly seeking to show accountability, both internally and externally. ITWorx GPMempowers governments to achieve this by providing a software platform that connects all stakeholders and provides them with the right information, at the right time, giving invaluable insight to make meaningful decisions.


“GCC economies are moving at different speeds, but managing and directing that process of change and reform is a major challenge for their governments. The ability to monitor and control the implementation of strategic development plans is imperative if these economies are to realize their full potential. Performance management uses technology to achieve effective project and change management leading to healthy governance that provides public value to stakeholders across all levels of the economy,” said Wael Amin, ITWorx President.


ITWorx GPM is a bilingual, Microsoft-based framework that gives governments the capability to cascade, share, track, and update strategies and plans organization-wide to ensure accurate execution on all levels. To enable performance evaluation, improvement, and accountability, ITWorx GPM creates consolidated and detailed views of multi-source Key Performance Indicators using customized scorecards, dashboards, strategy maps, statistical charts, and reports, as well as provides ad-hoc analytical and reporting tools.


ITWorx GPM helps develop strategic focus and consistency, ensures access to reliable information, reinforces employee responsibility and participation, and provides collaborative decision support with root-cause analysis to drive performance excellence. Consistency in focus, in data, and in accountability provides better visibility and better control for governments.