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ITWORX provides sales force with innovation smart tools through its Mobile Sales Catalogue. It is a Mobile based solution that can be customized according to the customer’s needs. Leaving traditional kit behind such as products’ flyers and brochures, Mobile Sales catalogue empowers your sales force with on-the-move tablet catalogue and smart tools to manage your sales activities. Products are displayed impressively to your customers in an interactive way.

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Visual products display

Mobile Sales Catalogue presents an organized and searchable catalog with datasheets and prices. It displays products with powerful visual aids such as videos, photos, and interactive 3D Models. You can manage new product features and models centrally through the mobile catalogue and keep your business teams always updated.

Boost sales activities

ITWORX Sales Catalogue allows commercial units to manage appointments and collect customer’s data such as basic info, photos, feedback, location and others. Afterwards, sales force configures the project specifications and display the fitting options. Finally, sales team draft the offer immediately and send it to the customer with any additional requested data.

Empower sales force

Mobile Sales Catalogue empowers commercial units across the private sectors such as real estate, manufacturer, automotive, and so on to leverage the organization’s commercial capabilities and improve customer interaction. Mobile Sales Catalogue enables sales force to add, edit and publish contents, in addition to two-ways-synchronization with mobile client (price, promotion, site data, history…). The Catalogue integrates with the existing infrastructure as CRM.