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How much would it benefit your business to know the most relevant products/services for each individual customer, and to personalize marketing and sales efforts on such insights?


There’s little doubt. Such knowledge would bring huge commercial potential. That’s why we’ve not only created a solution that does exactly this, but also why we’ve called it ITWORX Revenue Booster.

Revenue Booster utilizes state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to analyze massive amount of data about customers and their historical transactions with every single system you have. Armed with this information, it can predict the best products/services to approach the customer with – and hence increase their wallet share.

Best of all, it does this through a visually dynamic and powerfully versatile tool, that’s refreshingly engaging and easy-to-use.

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Understand your customers

Know your customers better than ever, and drive your marketing efforts forward, with a complete view of the customer across all products and distribution channels.

Cross-sell and up-sell to them

Uncover new revenue opportunities. Predictive analytics enables you to forecast expected customer behavior and connect the right offers to the right customers.

Sets growth targets for your organization

Based on the total potential on all customers, the solution enables you to set sales and growth targets for the existing customer base.