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ITWORX CTS is an integrated information management system that enables handling, governance, storage, searching and retrieval of incoming and outgoing correspondences.


It also enables creation and tracking of meetings, minutes of meetings and their action items, in addition to tracking the tasks resulting from both the correspondences and meetings. This allows staff to track and govern not only the correspondences and meetings, but also the actions resulting from them until their closure.

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Control Correspondance

Manage Business Correspondences, Meetings, and their Associated Tasks. Automate the End-to-End Cycle for Incoming and Outgoing Correspondences.

Capture Meeting Actions

Record past meetings to capture minutes and action Items. The captured action items can be tracked afterwards to guarantee an efficient meeting management.

Track Tasks and Actions

Better workload management and better tracking. You can easily create tasks and assign owners, followers, and CC list for each task that was mentioned in a correspondence or a meeting. Tasks of pending actions are automatically grouped for follow-up.

Jeddah Municipality Realizes Remarkable Performance Improvement with ITWORX Correspondence Tracking System (CTS)

Leading the charge to sustainable development, Jeddah Municipality is undertaking strategic initiatives to e-transform its internal processes and operations in a quest for greater productivity and better services for its citizens. As part of this endeavor, ITWORX custom-developed the Correspondence Tracking System (CTS), a web-based process monitoring application for tracking governmental transactions, and integrated it with its Microsoft-based e-services platform. The result? Average executed transactions per day multiplied leading to a significant rise in the number of daily submitted requests and increased credibility of the Municipality’s operations and performance.

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