ITWorx Performs Complete Testing for Malitel Huawei Convergent Billing System (OCS 5.5)

Customer Profile

Malitel is the third Telco operator in Mali with 7 million subscribers benefiting from the services of fixed and mobile telephony as well as access to the Internet

The Challenge

Facing the future challenge of 3G license development of 7 Million Subscribers, Malitel decided to deploy Huawei Convergent Billing System (CBS). As one of Huawei’s Delivery Service Vendors (DSV), and under Huawei’s Accountability, ITWorx was chosen to perform needed testing activities for Malitel CBS.

The Solution

ITWorx has the largest team of certified Huawei engineers in the region, with twenty-three (23) official technical experts in Huawei technologies who are eligible to be engaged in any Huawei-based project.


Based on ITWorx solid experience in testing different Telecom systems, ITWorx team has reviewed all the requirements, test cases; and created new ones to thoroughly investigate all possible scenarios.


ITWorx provided an onsite team of Telco professionals for four months to be responsible for the delivery of complete testing services based on Malitel CBS and to carry out all the test cases including the back-end scenarios.


ITWorx Team were not only responsible for performing testing activities on Malitel CBS, but their role extended to coordinate acceptance through performing a UAT phase helping Malitel to find out whether the system is ready for technical use giving business confidence that the delivered solution has addressed the specified business requirements. ITWorx Team were also part of supporting CBS lunch activities.


Testing activities incorporated extensive types of tests including:

  • Interoperability test (IOT) to verify interface connectivity and accuracy of interface function realization
  • Function Test to verify feasibility of important applications, connection between systems parts, and stability of test environment
  • Performance Test to check capability of the system and to find out system’s bottlenecks
  • End to end test (E2E test) by simulating the final user use scenario to check whether all service functions of the entire system

UAT (User Acceptance Test) comparing the performance of the system to the business requirements

Modules Tested

  • EVC, UVC, PRM, Provisioning
  • Offline Mediation, OCS5.5, Billing Care (included in OCS)
  • LBI report (included in OCS).