ITWorx Opens Channels for ELNG to Win New Business and Employees’ Loyalty

Customer Profile

Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas Company SAE (ELNG) is a leading producer and exporter of liquefied natural gas. ELNG was founded and sponsored by British Gas Asia Pacific Holdings Pte Limited (BG), the Malaysian National Oil Company (Petronas), the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS), and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC).

The Challenge

ELNG, entering a new phase with a new vision, needed a new, fully content-managed, and bilingual Website that would clearly represent its mission and strategies and attract vendors and clients in the business. ELNG wanted to be transparent in the public eye through a website that fully presents the company’s history and compliance with international standards for safety, health, and security measures all over its environment. ELNG needed to make its policies and processes for production quality and methodologies, plants’ capacities, different projects, and career opportunities public. ELNG also needed an online staff community platform, particularly for those in geographically isolated locations. ELNG wanted to create its own corporate portal to centralize exchanged information and create a meeting place for its employees. The corporate portal should achieve multiple goals such as establishing a means for effective communication, serving as a news distribution infrastructure for employees, supporting ongoing organizational improvement, and increasing knowledge flow.

The Solution

ELNG selected ITWorx for its excellent reputation in the software professional services market in Egypt and worldwide and its impressive track record in web and portal solutions. In the span of 3 months, ITWorx delivered ELNG a website and corporate portal, adhering to ELNG-specific requirements and needs. The website is bilingual (Arabic/English) and content-managed. The search functionality enables users to seek the information they need in both languages. The .Net web pages and templates are designed and customized according to ELNG’s information structure, graphics, and multimedia display requirements. Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 (MCMS), Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (SQLServer), and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) constituted the back-end of the system. The website’s content is stored and served by the MCMS and SQL Server through the IIS Web server. The website back-end access is customized and controlled according to the authentications and privileges requested by ELNG. Only ELNG authorized users can access designated pages and create, update, and delete content and postings. ITWorx identified ELNG’s need for a corporate portal to join its different locations and employees into one point of intersection. Using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, ITWorx built the portal and integrated sections such as news, announcements, discussion forums, travel and vacations requests, discussions, surveys, and many others. ITWorx implemented a powerful, attractive design that matches ELNG’s corporate identity. ITWorx customized the portal content based on the user’s functional group and organizational role.

The Benefits

  • Information dissemination units of ELNG employees via the corporate portal
  • Powerful bilingual Web presence opening the door for new business opportunities
  • Unified look and feel creating a unique identity for the corporate
  • ITWorx training guarantees continuous maintenance and unbroken services

Technologies and Software

  •  Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 SP2
  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 SP2
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server 200