ITWORX Introduces L2C to Reliance Home Comfort to Automate Sales Order Management and Eliminate Paperwork  

Customer Profile

Reliance Home Comfort is a full-service heating and cooling (HVAC) business and is considered one of the largest renters for water heaters in Canada, with over 1.2 million customers by ensuring endless comfort at home.

The Challenge 

The order management process at Reliance Home Comfort was fragmented, manual, and inefficient. The HCA, Home Comfort Advisor, would have to go through a manual process of choosing a configuration that fits the customer’s needs, and then create the bill of materials, go through the calculation of prices, and transfer the order information to a contract manually. This made the process difficult, time-consuming, and error prone. Reliance Home Comfort was in need to automate and improve the order management process and eliminate paperwork.

The Solution

Given their broad experience with technology-enabled business solutions, ITWORX was chosen by Reliance to build a new CRM-based application called Lead to Cash (L2C). L2C is a 2011 Microsoft CRM Dynamics Solution for Sales Automation, automating the Sales Ordering and Installation process for new purchases from leads, in-home visits, measurements, equipment selection, digitally signed contracts to order fulfillment and installation. (L2C) is considered a business scenario for guiding through the various sales processes.


ITWORX’s newly deployed solution, L2C, decreased the preexisting complexities. Now, the customer’s information is pre-populated on the Surface Pro tablets running Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The HCA chooses the sales package, and the system populates the rest of the information.


Moreover, L2C eliminated the manual product selection by automating equipment configuration and selection, providing the ability to select a package or equipment from a configurable list of products. It also eliminated the manual process by automatically filling in the details for the bill of materials (BOM) of the package or equipment selected by the customer.


The ITWORX team has also created a web portal for sales teams that require access to limited CRM functionalities. Additionally, L2C provided a single electronic repository for orders.


The ITWORX CRM-based solution introduced a set of performance key indicators, KPIs (e.g., close-ratio, conversion rate, etc.), alongside other reports to help sales managers take decisions effectively and quickly.

Commission eligibility and calculation accuracy are guaranteed using the previous set of KPIs.


With improved data flows, pre-populated ordering forms along with complimentary digital signature capture on Surface Pro tablets, Home Reliance Comfort was able to lead a more efficient sales process and provide an improved customer experience.


To complete the automation process, the ITWORX team implemented a number of integrations such as:


  • Integration with 3rd party configuration management 
  • Integration with 3rd party addresses validation 
  • Integration with Reliance ERP for order fulfilling and installation work  order creation 
  • Integration with mobile phones for field technicians to submit leads 
  • Integration with Outlook for installation appointment booking 

The Benefits

  • Automate the whole sales process with improved data flows
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs, and boost productivity
  • Guarantee commission eligibility and calculation accuracy
  • Provide an enhanced customer service experience

Technologies and Software

  • Microsoft CRM Dynamics 2011 
  • MS Outlook 
  • MS Dynamics SOLMON 
  • QAS 
  • Experlogix

When we deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Surface Pro tablets to our sales team, we improved our customer satisfaction score by 12 points in the first month. We wanted to equip our salespeople with tablets and CRM to help them organize their work, ensure accuracy, eliminate paper, and streamline the order entry process.  


Celso Mello Reliance Home Comfort
Chief Information Officer