ITWORX Helps Vodafone Egypt to Have a Full Insight of Services on its Network through a Performance Management Platform

Customer Profile

Vodafone Egypt is an international consortium with Vodafone Group Plc., the world’s largest mobile communications company, recognized worldwide for its quality of service and product innovation.

The Challenge

In its vision to provide its customers with quality services, Vodafone Egypt seeks an application to generate reports on these services indicating customers’ usage, opinion, and other information related to the offered services. To implement such a strategic project, ITWorx was chosen for its wide experience in BI applications and modules.

The Solution

ITWorx developed Vodafone Performance Management Platform and is currently enhancing the platform allowing Vodafone Executives to measure and track the performance of services on Vodafone network thus making it easy to catch network troubles and adjust capacity before customers are affected. The platform includes several components, for instance, a data collection agent, a reporting database, and a web application.

The data collection agent pulls the data from different network components, for instance, text files, excel files, or existing databases. In quest for better accuracy in collecting data, ITWorx designed the data collection jobs to run automatically after 12 AM on the previous day’s data. The jobs does not run on all data sources concurrently, but rather, run on a number of data sources per a certain period of time interval to ensure the system is up and running with highest performance possible.

Data gathered from the data collection agent is then stored in a central reporting database which in turn archives and summarizes data for future reference. On top of the reporting database runs Jasper– a reporting tool– which generates reports to track different data, for instance, data covering subscribers’ details, utilization of certain services, roaming, calls, and other information. Generated reports are presented in different formats, for instance, bar charts, pie charts, tables, and other reporting formats; and are presented with different filtering options allowing executives to view required analysis. Reports are easily accessible through the web application developed by ITWorx.

The Benefits

  • Provide users a luxurious retail environment
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interfaces
  • Bilingual content management
  • Stock management

Services Measured

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Home Location Register
  • Billing Gateway
  • Missed Call Keeper
  • Ring Back Tone
  • Service Data Point
  • Smart Message System Center
  • Voice Mail System

Technologies and Software

  • Java, Apache Struts, Ajax
  • Jasper Technologies for Reporting
  • Oracle DB 10g
  • Quartz Job Scheduler

Technical Features

  • Daily/weekly reports
  • Data collection agent pulls the data from different network components
  • Central reporting database
  • Web application

Business Benefits

  • Providing flexible reporting and charting abilities
  • Daily/weekly reports
  • Easy catching of network troubles and adjusting capacity
  • Graphical analysis and reporting capabilities