ITWORX Helps SCAD in Providing an Efficient and Fast Service to Its Clients through the Internal Client Request Workflow (ICRW) System 

Customer Profile

The Statistics Centre Abu Dhabi (SCAD) is the official source of statistics in the United Arab Emirates, established in April 2008. SCAD  aims at developing and providing accurate and reliable statistics on the social, economic, environmental and other situations to decision and policy-makers, the public, the mass media, the business community, researchers and the international community.

The Challenge 

As an official source of statistics in the UAE, SCAD receives countless requests from governments and companies asking for accurate and reliable information. They want to provide relevant and reliable official statistics serving policy makers, business community and the public. However, SCAD team experienced difficulty in managing customer requests sent to them through different communications channelsSome of the requests get lost along the process due to work load and lack of tracking and ownershipThere is no defined service level agreement (SLA) or performance analysis, which resulted in delayed responses and absence of transparency on the status of the customer’s requests. 

The Solution

ITWORX implemented internal request workflows using CRM 2013 to handle clients’ requests and achieve better tracking from submission through resolution. Using CRM allowed the automation of internal business processes such as approval cycle, escalation, and data reporting on performancewhich saves time, effort and cost.  


ITWORX newly deployed system consolidates different requests’ from different channels such as Phone Call, Email, Walk-in, and SCAD website. The system ensures that all the requests’ details are recorded in one centralized place. Requests are then assigned to specific owners who can track the progress of each request and take the necessary actions when needed. SCAD employees are also being granted the capability of searching for previous requests in the searchable knowledge base. 


ICRW system has the ability to categorize clients by type, provide a 360-degree view for all client data and interactions, and automatic notifications and SLA’s Features 


Leveraging CRM reporting features, ITWORX provided SCAD with reports and dashboards on Customer Management, Request Sources, Request Management, and Statistics Knowledgebase.  


To be able to provide fast and accurate responses, ITWORX has provided SCAD team with onsite training to get familiarized with the newly deployed system, along with a user acceptance test as a trial.  

The Benefits

  • Facilitate communication among SCAD team which increases collaboration, alignment, and knowledge transfer 
  • Allow SCAD team to manage requests efficiently within an expected SLA 
  • Provide reports and dashboards with documented requests and actions 

Technologies and Software

  • MS Dynamics CRM 2013 
  • MS SQL 2012 
  • MS Reporting Services