ITWORX Develops Telecom Egypt e-Care Platform as a part of its Digital Engagement Pursuit

Customer Profile

Telecom Egypt S.A.E. is Egypt’s main telephone company. It started in
1854 with the first telegraph line in Egypt. In 1998, it replaced the former Arab Republic of Egypt National Telecommunication Organization (ARENTO). The company has a fixedline subscriber base in excess of 6 million subscribers. Telecom Egypt acquired TEData (formerly GegaNet) in late 2001 to act as its data
communications and ISP arm


Telecom Egypt has officially launched “WE” in Sept. 2017, the country’s long-awaited fourth mobile network; available with the technologies of 2G and 3G, and 4G experimentally. Known for its innovative services and products, the company is seeking to serve their customer base in a digitally-driven and personalized way.

To be able to sustain this vision, Telecom Egypt needed an eCare Platform offering more flexibility and convenience to their subscribers and empowering them to understand their customers better and react faster to customers’ demands.

As one of Huawei’s Delivery Service Vendors (DSV), and under Huawei’s Accountability, ITWORX was chosen to develop this solution

The Solution

Using its uCare Solution, ITWorx started developing Telecom Egypt e-Care Platform helping them to become more customer centric, by having a self-care solution that enables customers to manage their services, subscriptions, payments which in return will raise the customer satisfaction and lower the load from the show room and call centers. The eCare Platform covers a Web Portal,

Mobile Web Portal, Mobile Application, and finally an E-Shop Portal to be delivered on seven phases starting with services for Pre-paid customers (basic and advanced features), then moving to Post-paid customers (basic and advanced features), then starting the Mobile Application for both pre and post-paid customers, and finally delivering the eShop Portal. Using an e-commerce infrastructure, customers will be able to make online purchases for services, accessories, and products through an “e-shop” that supports secured e-payment.

The Platform provides a diverse range of services; customercare services -like monitoring/analyzing current usage and account information, e-billing, and browsing/reviewing financial information- and revenue monitoring services -like
Performa online top-up and payment, accessing services and products, providing recommended service, tariff, and plan, opt in /opt out services, and balance/units transfer.

To provide Telecom Egypt customers with an integrated experience, ITWorx boosted the solution with a mobile application enabling customers to manage their accounts through a rich media application on their mobile. The application manages different services highly visited by mobiles user, for instance, profile management, interactive bill browsing, e-payment, SIM services, and pre-paid and control services. The application allows online synchronization between mobile and Web e-services accessed through the same account.

Based on ITWorx solid experience in developing different Telecom systems, ITWorx team were able to deliver three phases from the planned seven phases. The eCare Portal is already launched, and the whole platform will be delivered by June 2019.

The Benefits

ITWORX uCare Benefits

▪ User friendly and rapid deployment
▪ Scalable Performance up to 10,000 users per second
▪ Easily integrated with Huawei BSS
▪ Responsive to tablet and mobile screen

Solution Benefits

▪ Establishing a strong Web presence to boost Telecom Egypt competitiveness
▪ Investing in an advanced scalable solution to gain an increasingly satisfied nationwide customer-base
▪ Increasing revenue through different channel of his new business area of mobile service
▪ Managing accounts through a rich media application on their mobile

Technical Features

▪ Profile Management
▪ Interactive Bill Browsing
▪ Online synchronization between mobile and Web e-services accessed through the same account

Business Benefits

▪ Availability of customers’ preferred e-services through mobile phones
▪ Bill Delivery Management feature
▪ Corporate & Personal Users
▪ E-Payment and SIM Services
▪ Pre-Paid and Control Services

Technologies and Software

▪ Angular 4, Spring, Hibernate, Apache CXF▪ Visual Studio Code, Vagrant▪ Android, IOS

Quality Control