ITWorx Empowers Egypt Post with an Arabic Intranet Portal, Boosting Employee and Organization Performance

Customer Profile

Egypt Post is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, providing financial and postal services to individuals and enterprises. Founded in 1865, Egypt Post has grown to support over 3,700 postal offices located throughout Egypt with more than 44,000 employees.

The Challenge

After successfully automating many of its online information and banking services, Egypt Post needed to establish its own intranet to empower employees with collaboration functionalities, operational efficiency, and exposure to the IT environment.


In another step toward establishing a complete e‐government entity, the Egypt Post needed to consolidate a massive set of information through a comprehensive intranet.


ITWorx’s track record in e-government projects under the auspices of Microsoft nominated it for developing the solution.

The Solution

Using SharePoint 2003, ITWorx built the Egypt Post Portal, an Arabic intranet solution that connects the employees through Egypt Post news, polls, document libraries, discussion areas, and postings for the employee of the month.


The portal acts as an entry point to Egypt Post sites and applications according to secured authorizations and access control levels. ITWorx developed the portal with the same layout and structure of Egypt Post Web site to establish a unified look and feel, enrich the user experience, and establish a public identity for Egypt Post.

ITWorx developed a Postal Information System (PIS) within the portal. The PIS captures the information related to all Egypt Post’s offices, locations, and their automated status. All portal users have the right to view the content of the PIS information. Using the Microsoft Active Directory 2003, the portal authenticates user groups for membership and permits access and view only to authorized members.


Through PIS, administrators can manage published information within Egypt Post internal application and the Web site as well. The PIS also allows the generation of historical data analytical reports that enable tracking each postal office’s progress and location across the country from different perspectives.

The Benefits

  • Information dissemination uniting Egypt Post employees via the portal
  • Unified look and feel, creating a unique identity for Egypt Post
  • Improved overall performance for Egypt Post

Technologies and Software

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Portal
  • Microsoft Active Directory 2003 (Authentication )
  • Microsoft IIS Server