ITWorx Delivers AJ Automated System Managing Processes Related to Building Permit Requests through Workflows That Manage Requests from Application to Completion

The Challenge

Amanah of Jeddah had a workflow for issuing building permits. Through this workflow, a construction office issues a request for a permit to the Amanah, including submitting all required supporting documentation. AJ, in turn, analyzes and evaluates the request from the legal, technical, and managerial aspects to determine if the request will be accepted or rejected or require modification. The construction office is then notified with the output to close the cycle. The preexisting process to implement this workflow was completed manually, was slow, and required a lot of paperwork and visits to the Amanah premises from the construction office representatives.

The Solution

ITWorx automated this workflow, transforming it into a smooth, traceable, and efficient process. Through building permits workflow automation, ITWorx automated the different workflows for all types of building permits, including residential, commercial, renovation, special licenses, and competition licenses. In addition, ITWorx implemented an escalation module that triggers an alert when non-conformities occur in the process steps or timeline, allowing AJ management to track and resolve issues. The automated system allows offices to issue a permit through AJ’s web portal without needing to go to AJ’s premises unnecessarily, increasing processing efficiency and saving time.

The Benefits

  • Increase in processing efficiency
  • Saves time

Technologies and Software

  • Ultimus Workflow Engine
  • C#.NET
  • Oracle 10g
  • Net 2005
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript
  • Document Management System