Injazat Project 

Executive Summary

Cities should serve as far more than housing units. Successful cities are those which engage their citizens, governments, and businesses, promoting better services and finer quality of life. Today building smart cities resemble the new frontier of enhanced city experiences. Standing at the forefront of digital transformation, ITWORX has partnered with multiple governments and their different bodies to provide citizens with a smoother, richer, and more efficient day-to-day city experience. 

Marking its latest feat, ITWORX has been chosen to provide the dynamic CRM platform for Hassantuk, a Ministry of Interior Smart City initiative that proactively monitors and manages fire and life safety alarms in connected buildings across the UAE, protecting lives and property. The ITWORX CRM platform automatically supports reported cases and provides customer and building information vital in supporting the Civil Defence response. 


ITWORX has partnered with Injazat to provide a connected field service solution that monitors IoT devices including Fire Alarms, Gas Detection Systems, Elevator Systems, Water Tank Level Meters, Building Management Systems, and Security Systems. Fire and life safety alarms from connected buildings are monitored 365 days a year along with all maintenance alarms generated from the building’s systems. Fire and life safety alarms are automatically reported to the emergency services within seconds providing them with situational intelligence supporting their Gold, Silver or Bronze levels of command making their response more effective and our cities smarter and safer. Maintenance alarms are automatically routed to the building’s maintenance company ensuring that repairs are undertaken immediately enforcing the mission of safer buildings