16 May 2001, Cairo, Egypt – Dr. Ahmed Nazeef, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, today attended the official inauguration of ITWorx’s new development center at the Free Zone in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt, accompanied by a host of the IT industry’s VIP’s. Youssri Helmy, ITWorx CEO, and Wael Amin, ITWorx Technical Director, gave the attendees a tour of the premises and its advanced facilities.

The growth that ITWorx has been witnessing created a need for better infrastructure, connectivity and support services to help ITWorx in serving its clients better. According to Helmy, the Free Zone was the perfect destination. “The Free Zone is like a cocoon environment ideal for export businesses,” he said. “Tax and customs breaks, faster clearance procedures, quicker, better and more cost-effective services all combine to create an oasis for anyone wanting to invest in exports.”

The new ITWorx development center is a custom-built, 3-storey building with a tastefully simple and modern design. Two floors are already functional and the third is being set up for future expansion. “Custom building our own facilities allowed us to set our own architectural guidelines,” Amin said. “Specific design considerations were made to best fit our type of work: Natural lighting throughout the day, open spaces that ease the communication while maintaining individual privacy, multi-functional and interactive spaces, integrated thermally controlled environment, and dual electricity and internet sources in case of breakdowns.” The new premises even boast sporting facilities and a BBQ terrace for its employees.

Even though the move to the new premises was very recent, according to Amin it is already paying off. “Everybody is very excited about the new facilities. We are already experiencing huge returns in terms of moral and productivity.”