Nermine joined ITWorx in 2005 and played different roles over the years rotating between ITWorx main accounts; she started as a team leader focusing on BI and Data warehousing then she moved to the project management track then to the delivery management track and led one of ITWorx biggest accounts for a good 10 years.

Throughout the past years, Nermine always shared the same feeling as all ITWorxians, she felt that ITWorx is a true second home and People are its most valued asset.

In 2021, she joined the DoZen team as Dozen Product Engineering Executive director ,Nermine’s role is to manage Dozen Product & Implementation teams ensuring Dozen strategic objectives are met in terms of growth in revenue and customer satisfaction .

Nermine graduated from the Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University in 1999 with a Bachelor degree in Computers Engineering.

Nermine is a  proud mother of Mohamed and Malak, when she’s not working she loves to spend time by the beach and enjoys listening to classical music