ITWorx has delivered the first phase of a secure, user-friendly, online portal to the Ministry of Labor (MoL) in Saudi Arabia, . Part of the national e-Government initiative, the new portal will allow MoL to better serve its employees, sister ministries, citizens, and private sector companies within the Kingdom.

Concerned with the development and use of the Kingdom’s human resources, MoL is responsible for manpower planning, labor relations, and the general monitoring of all matters relating to labor and employment affairs. The Ministry is also tasked with processing labor disputes, employment in the private sector, and labor permits.

ITWorx was sub-contracted to provide a solution that would consolidate previously disparate MoL systems, provide e-services to the public and for internal use, and uphold an up-to-date and accurate data repository. The new centralized and bilingual (Arabic/English) portal will allow citizens to find MoL information, forms, and announcements in an easy way through a single unified interface, as well as engage MoL services online using a single sign-on procedure, including an e-employment service which is now available.

By raising the availability of information and automating service provisioning, the portal will facilitate business transactions and quicken information exchange among interested parties. The integration and delivery of related e-services through the portal will increase the productivity of MoL labor offices, lower operating costs by reducing redundant manual, paper-based processes, and empower decision-makers and information workers by availing various reporting and business tools.

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