5/27/2009 Cairo, Egypt

ITWorx, one of the Middle East’s leading software professional services firms, today announced the successful upgrade of the Kent Learning Zone (KLZ) to support 100,000 users. The environment now runs on Windows Server 2008, fully virtualized using Microsoft Hyper-V technology.


Hyper-V is the latest virtualization product from Microsoft. The new platform works with Windows Server 2008 to create and manage a virtual infrastructure. This upgrade holds great cost minimisation potential as well as resource maximisation opportunities for Kent County Council by delivering a far more efficient data centre. Kent currently has more than 280 schools created to its learning platform, the KLZ.


Built on Microsoft SharePoint, the KLZ revolutionises conventional teaching by introducing IT into all areas of the classroom, dramatically improving the learning experience. “Introducing IT into all areas of the school environment, not just computer lessons, is absolutely essential if schools are to graduate students capable of succeeding in the 21st century workplace,” said Hossam Badr, Regional Director – EMEA for ITWorx, the global experts on SharePoint-based education gateways for K-12 schools.


Technical Strategy Manager for EIS Kent County Council, Andy Sheppard commented: “Since launching our e-learning platform, Kent Learning Zone, in more than 280 schools, we’ve noted increased collaboration through networked communities. Through the KLZ, teachers and students are provided with new opportunities to work together, conduct research and discussions, as well as to share problems, innovations, and lesson plans.”


“e-Learning solutions are increasingly becoming part of mainstream education: students benefit from accelerated learning, teachers collaborate better with their colleagues, and parents are able to monitor the progress of their children and communicate directly with staff, giving academic institutions, particularly schools, a far more central role in family life,” explained Badr.


ITWorx has had an impressive response, both on a local and global scale, from institutions selecting ITWorx Education offerings for their schools. In the UK, 300 schools in County Durham are reaping many benefits with 80,000 active users. In the Middle East, ictQatar has leveraged the offering in 37 independent schools. In the United Arab Emirates, ITWorx is currently engaging with 50 schools under the Ministry of Education and with 27 GEMS private schools.