8th October 2006 – Cairo, Egypt – ITWorx announces the release of its Microsoft Learning Gateway (MLG) Auto-Deployment Tool. This tool automates the setup and configuration of the Microsoft Learning Gateway (MLG) in a manner that simplifies the process and saves time.

The Auto-Deployment tool is designed to help Learning Institutions, Data Centers, and Hosting Companies minimize the time needed for installing and configuring all components of MLG framework. ITWorx’ MLG Auto-Deployment tool saves up to 60 percent of deployment time required for a single school, and can save up to 90 percent for a nation-wide deployment involving a large number of schools.

With a Wizard-Like interface that easily collects the required information from the user; the Auto Deployment tool minimizes the need for highly skilled technical administrators to run the deployment process. The tool also ensures a first-time correct deployment, which prevents the need for testing and rework.

“The MLG Auto-Deployment Tool shall have the greatest impact on the MLG framework adoption rate” declared Shahira Habib, Engagement Manager ITWorx “Capitalizing on our expertise in Microsoft Education Solutions, ITWorx developed this new tool to address the difficulties of the current deployment. Schools and Data Centers will no longer be challenged by the tedious time consuming process of deploying MLG manually” she added.

ITWorx’ Auto-Deployment tool offers different modes for deployment that guarantee the flexibility needed to meet each customer’s unique requirements. The tool offers basic and advanced modes as well as single and multi-school deployment modes making the tool equally valuable for small and nation-wide deployments.

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