ITWorx will be exhibiting at the fourth annual “Exploring ICT in Education” conference on 16 April 2011. Held under the auspices of CNAQ (College of North Atlantic, Qatar) and ictQatar (Qatar’s Supreme Council of Information and Communication), the conference aims at promoting the use of technology in education, and offers schools and education institutions best-in-class practices needed to successfully adopt e-learning in the State of Qatar.

With a strong footprint in delivering successful e-learning solutions for the biggest names in Qatar, ITWorx Education team will showcase the benefits of the latest version of CLG (Connected Learning Gateway), the best social learning platform, and how it can add to Qatar’s K12 public and private education. The team will demonstrate to school administrators, teachers, and principals the amazing tools that this multilingual platform provides for interactive teaching, personalised learning and parental engagement, including learning via mobile phones and iPads/iPods.

Visit our booth at CNAQ’s main campus, 68 Al Tarafa, Duhail North Doha, Qatar.