Burlington, MA – October 22, 2003.  ITWorx, today introduced the latest version of NetCelera Scout, a windows based WAN monitoring software. NetCelera Scout analyzes the traffic on the network and detects improved performance of all Enterprise applications using NetCelera, ITWorx’s WAN acceleration appliance. Now, a company can determine how much money can be saved using NetCelera by evaluating its network with NetCelera Scout.


NetCelera Scout is based on patent-pending technology that eliminates traffic network redundancies up to 10 times. This is the only free WAN evaluation tool that is seamlessly integrated onto the network within minutes of installation.


“To avoid the cost of network upgrades, it is essential to know what applications are running on the network at all times, and how these applications’ traffic requirements would be reduced,” said Youssri Helmy, Chief Executive Officer, ITWorx. “NetCelera Scout evaluates which applications are utilizing the network, and accurately predicts the results of using NetCelera, which maintains WAN links at their peak level.”


NetCelera Scout provides network managers with information over time. It offers an extensive analysis of the network down to the TCP protocol level, allowing traffic to monitor each application and the data acceleration NetCelera achieves. It determines the current, maximum and average number of TCP connections the network encounters, providing an exact analysis of traffic on the network. NetCelera Scout is a robust WAN evaluation and monitoring tool and has the following features:

Easy-to-use Interface

NetCelera Scout’s new interface is an easy and effective way to see what traffic is on the network. An enhanced reporting technique allows network managers to export the network monitoring results to a document and easily shares it with others.

Bandwidth Measurement

NetCelera Scout determines the top 10 applications utilizing the network. Commonly used applications such as web traffic, mail and FTP programs can demand a great deal of bandwidth on the network. Network managers can monitor and analyze the before and after effect of NetCelera on their network.

Data Compression Per Hour NetCelera

Scout detects the measurement of traffic over a period of time, providing the acceleration gain of data packets as well as the actual accelerated size of data.

NetCelera Scout Availability

For more information, please call 781-272-4487