10/19/2008Dubai, UAE
ITWorx has completed the roll-out out of its pioneering e-learning system, in both Arabic and English, to 50 El Ghad schools in the UAE. The project revolutionises conventional teaching by introducing information technology (IT) into all areas of the classroom, dramatically improving the learning experience. “Introducing IT into all areas of the school environment, not just computer lessons, is absolutely essential if schools are to graduate students capable of succeeding in the 21st century workplace,” said Hafez Hamdy, Marketing Director at ITWorx, the global experts on the Microsoft Learning Gateway (MLG) for schools and higher education.

“The benefits of e-learning are well proven: this is not a gimmick. Students benefit from accelerated learning, teachers collaborate better with their colleagues, and parents are able to monitor the progress of their children and communicate directly with staff, giving the school a far more central role in family life.”

The system implemented by ITWorx – based on the Microsoft Learning Gateway – will enable students to work at their own pace by accessing materials and tools appropriate to their level from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Teachers will be able to share ideas with colleagues, set assignments for students and manage their administrative tasks, while parents will be able to become more actively involved in their children’s education by viewing their work and communicating with teachers. Parents will even be able to check their children’s attendance, grades, and assessments online.

“E-learning provides us with the opportunity to not only ensure that all our students are well versed in IT, but to actually improve the way they learn,” said Ms. Badria Youssef, Director of IT Department, Ministry of Education. “By partnering with ITWorx we can free up our teachers’ time so they can concentrate on teaching instead of administration. We can enable our children to learn smarter, and at their own speed. And we can get parents more involved in their children’s education, putting the school back in the heart of the community.”

The e-learning system for the 50 schools is linked via a portal that gives Ministry of Education staff, teachers, students, parents, and generally the Internet community, access to information, applications, and services about the e-learning project. ITWorx has so far trained 80 teachers from El Ghad schools on using the system. The teachers, or mentors, will transfer their newly acquired know-how to other teachers in their respective schools.

ITWorx has already announced a similar scheme to be rolled-out at 27 GEMS schools throughout the country.

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