ITWorx has implemented with great success a number of Microsoft [email protected] solutions in the region’s higher education sector. Microsoft [email protected] is a free suite of hosted Microsoft services and applications that help students use the Internet for collaboration on campus, in the classroom, and in their daily lives and personal activities.

For higher education, ITWorx delivered [email protected] solutions to Al Yamamah College (YC) and the Technical and Vocational Training Cooperation Center (TVTC) in the KSA, Kuwait University, and Ministry of Education in Oman. Other implementations include the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and GEMS schools in the UAE.

The [email protected] program provides education institutions with a set of hosted collaboration services, communication tools, and mobile, desktop, and web-based applications, as well as data storage capabilities. The educational authority gets its own customized, live domain name, in addition to user emails for students, alumni, staff, and others.

With the Microsoft Live ID, the student can sign-in and access multiple Microsoft applications such as email services, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live SkyDrive, Windows Live Mobile, and others. Students are exposed to Microsoft products similar to those used in global workplaces, helping to prepare them for jobs after graduation.

The [email protected] suite is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and regularly updated with features and new services that enable education institutions to expand the set of services they offer their students.