Cairo, December 26, 2004 – ITWorx celebrated its 10th anniversary today in an all-day event attended by all ITWorx team. ITWorx President, Wael Amin, charged employees with making the next 10 years “even more exciting”.

During the formal event dinner, Youssri Helmy, ITWorx Chairman shared his vision for the organization’s future appointing former Managing Director, Wael Amin as President of ITWorx. “Wael’s leadership of the organization during the past 4 years in his role as managing director has been remarkable. I am confident that as the Company’s President he will lead ITWorx through the exciting challenges ahead” confirmed Helmy, Youssri is also CTO of SwanLabs residing in San Jose, California.

“We have created the most exciting technology company in the Middle East” said Wael Amin, ITWorx President, “We are very blessed with the team of people we have, the customers we have, and the business partners we have” he added.

Founded in 1994 with five employees ITWorx has evolved through the decade into a 250 employee organization with offices in the United States, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, ITWorx delivered more than $35M worth of software solutions to customers as well as creating and spinning-off intellectual property in Silicon Valley.

“We have been working diligently and with a long-term view to develop a company which is able to meet the requirements of its different stakeholders in a balanced way, delivering the required growth and earnings while living up to the expectations of our employees, partners and community in a steady and sustainable manner” Amin added.

Attending the dinner were Mahmoud Atallah, Vice President of the Investment and Free Zones Authority, and Hosny Soliman, President of the Nasr City Free Zone.